Executive Skills Assessment

Top Management Performance

In addition to recruiting external talent, companies strive to cultivate loyalty among their employees. The level of trust between employees and the company is a key differentiator in the “Great Place to Work” ranking and is closely related to the company’s ability to support its employees through hierarchical promotions and career changes.

To identify Key People and High Potentials within a company, Alhambra International offers skills assessment services. Our approach is based on the methods developed by General Electric in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group to retain top talent.

By providing an objective evaluation of candidates for professional mobility, our services improve the assessment process and facilitate the identification of personality traits and leadership potential. We offer a range of services, from in-depth interviews to simulation tests and skills assessments, to help companies make informed decisions about employee development and career progression.

Our expertise in this area extends to job-saving schemes and restructuring operations. Our assessments cover technical skills as well as management and leadership potential, enabling companies to plan for the development of their talent in the medium and long term.

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