Board Assessment

The board of directors plays three crucial roles in a company: establishing the company’s direction and vision, overseeing management, and providing advice and support. Evaluating the board’s performance involves assessing how well it fulfills these responsibilities.

Several factors determine the board’s performance, including its composition, diversity, competencies, committee structures, meeting schedules, and procedures. Additionally, the board’s dynamics, annual agenda, interactions with the CEO and steering committee, cohesion, and active participation in meetings all affect its performance. The board’s commitment to the company’s strategic orientation and governance, financial reporting processes, internal audit and controls, and monitoring policies and systems also determine its performance.

Board evaluations should be conducted periodically, and the methodology used should be flexible, taking into account the specific situation, corporate structure, board culture, and processes of the company. The results of board assessments may require minor process amendments or significant changes in the board’s composition and committees to address shortcomings.

External evaluations provide greater independence and transparency, offering new perspectives and approaches. At Alhambra International Board Services, we provide board assessment and recruitment services to help companies improve their board efficiency, cohesiveness, and performance. Our team has a strong knowledge of various national governance codes and ethics, and we stay up-to-date with board trends and good practices.

Our board assessment methodology involves formulating a questionnaire and conducting face-to-face interviews with each director to gain a clear understanding of their answers. Our analyses and reports include quantitative and qualitative methods, and we evaluate the performance of both directors and committees. In some cases, individual director assessments may be conducted to improve board dynamics and performance.

Our director recruitment services involve selecting candidates who have diverse skills and experiences that align with the company’s strategy and vision. We prioritize direct approaches, conduct in-depth interviews, and evaluate candidates’ academic credentials, career history, strengths, and weaknesses. We strive to achieve diversity and parity between men and women in our selection.

In summary, Alhambra International Board Services provides expert board assessment and recruitment services to help companies succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment.