Executive Outplacement

Organizational change can be a complex and challenging issue for companies and their employees. It can have a significant impact on employee motivation and can potentially damage the employer’s brand and business community reputation.

For employees, leaving their professional environment without any real visibility during the transition period can be a daunting experience. Finding a new professional opportunity requires not only technical skills but also self-confidence, energy, and optimism over time, as well as a structured research methodology.

At Alhambra International, we understand the challenges that come with executive outplacement, and we offer a comprehensive program to help candidates successfully navigate this transition. Our outplacement program provides candidates with the tools to identify and formalize their expertise, motivations, resources, strengths, and areas for improvement. They develop realistic career paths based on the current job market and their professional background, as well as communication tools and research strategies. Our one-to-one coaching sessions and consultations provide personalized support throughout the job search process, including preparation for selection interviews.

Our expert coaches/consultants have an in-depth knowledge of outplacement and are experienced in your job market. We offer both remote and face-to-face services across Western Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific regions.

By choosing Alhambra International, candidates can restore their self-confidence and find a new professional opportunity more efficiently. Our extensive bibliography provides additional resources to prepare and optimize this program. Let us help you make your career transition a successful and positive experience.