Executive Outplacement

Organizational change is a complex issue for companies and the employees affected. It also impacts the motivation of the other employees and create potential damage for the employer’s brand and the business community linked with the company.

Indeed, on the employee’s side, it’s difficult to leave their professional environment without real visibility during the transition period.  

Finding a new professional activity requires, beyond technical skills, self-confidence, energy and optimism over time, as well as a genuine research methodology. An efficient execution of an executive outplacement plan would help the employees to relieve the insecurity left after losing their jobs and restore self-confidence in a tough economic environment.

Our outplacement program allows candidates to identify and formalize expertise, motivations, resources, strengths and areas for improvement. They define realistic project paths with regard to the market and their professional background. They develop communication tools and research strategy. They are better prepared for selection interviews. During all this program, they will be supported and advised during the search campaign.

Through its longtime expertise Alhambra International Executive Outplacement services provide one to one crucial support through intensive and personalized training and consultations focused on your strengths, your combination of skills and the development of a coherent and realistic professional project.

This program is led by coaches/consultants who are experts in outplacement and have an excellent knowledge of your job market.

A bibliography is available in order to prepare this program more efficiently.

This program can be performed remotely or face-to-face.

Our experienced and skilled consultants are able to provide outplacement services in Western Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.