Dear friends, Dear clients, Dear partners,

A new year 2023 is opening to us and I would like to thank you for supporting our development by entrusting us with your recruitment, your applications or by seeking our advice.

2022 was a positive year, with recruitment trends well oriented at ALHAMBRA INTERNATIONAL, which operates mainly within the Euro zone.

However, the economic climate has been tense because of the conflict in Ukraine, the energy crisis and an increase in raw materials. The inflation, already present, with the post-Covid recovery that had disorganized the logistic chains, causing congestion of maritime traffic, shortage of supply and therefore soaring prices has accelerated. This has an impact on energy-intensive industries, hence the need to give strong support to economic players, particularly SMEs, as the German government has done and more softly the other governments in the Euro area, due to their lower budget flexibility, with their high debt.

Overall, the good health of the labor market has been an essential support that now allows us to count on a moderate recession in the euro area in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. On the other hand, let us hope that global inflation falls in 2023, thanks to short term measures (the rise of interest rates and the recent easing in commodity prices over the past few weeks), and above all, through in-depth measures that will have a positive impact in the longer term…

At the global level, the reopening of China, although impacted by the health crisis, is necessary to revive economic exchange and to support economic growth in the country and in the world. In the United States, the economy resists, with growth of 2.6% in the 3rd quarter and an unemployment rate at its lowest level in half a century, at 3.5% of the working population.

We had already anticipated some trends in HR trends, and work practices in previous years, which accelerated in 2022:

There are many HR challenges for companies at the start of this new year. At the same time, vigilance is required in most companies, with budgets under constraints to face 2023. Recruitment continues, but sometimes with a greater wait-and-see attitude, due to the economic uncertainties we have just described above.

The end of hostilities in the Ukrainian conflict, with peace talks would be the best signal to revive the dynamic of growth in the world, but this is more a wish than a reality today.

Today, companies face structural stakes such as climate change, technological revolutions, changes in working practices, but also uncertainties and geopolitical risks, with the resurgence of conflicts and a rise of protectionism. Obviously, companies, managers and their employees are the main players best placed to respond to and adapt to all these challenges and risks.

In an era of networking platforms, professional social networks and disintermediation, nothing replaces exchanges and dialogue to accompany both our clients and our candidates in efficient, harmonious recruitment and professional evolution and development. This is the meaning of our commitment and we will continue it by developing alongside Executive Search, Transition Management and Board services activities that are an extension of our recruitment activities! 

In 2023, as in previous years, Alhambra International will focus on companies that take care of their employees and adopt practices with a positive social and environmental impact to ensure effective governance for their shareholders.

On behalf of the entire Alhambra International team, I wish you a very happy 2023, full of happiness, awareness, and respect for these values that we share together!

Anne-Charlotte Vaillant

Founder & Leader