(Antwerpen, Paris 03/06/2023) – Alhambra International, a leading executive search firm specializing in recruitment of top-tier professionals across various industries and leadership solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Mrs. Chen Huimin.

Chen Huimin has a proven track record in providing senior talent, both technical and business personnel, to various industries, with a particular focus on intelligent transportation and communication technology. Her work within Chinese government procurement processes has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the complexities and requirements involved, ensuring the identification and selection of top-tier professionals for key roles. Chen Huimin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Alhambra International’s global network.

Previously serving as a bidding and tendering manager at a renowned communication technology design company in China, Chen Huimin successfully managed teams and spearheaded their participation in government bidding projects. With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Wuyi University in China, Chen Huimin possesses a strong academic background that complements her extensive professional experience. Her ability to recruit management and executive-level positions, including general managers, deputy general managers, and commercial managers, makes her a valuable asset in the executive search industry.

In addition to her expertise in the communication industry, Chen Huimin brings a multi-industry perspective, enabling her to identify top-tier talent in diverse sectors. Her partnership with Alhambra International opens new avenues for global businesses seeking exceptional candidates for their executive and leadership positions.

Since October 2021, Chen Huimin has been a partner at Nordic China Business Hub AS, providing a range of services to international enterprises, including talent recruitment, intellectual property rights, business legal advice, and background investigation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chen Huimin as our esteemed partner at Alhambra International,” said Anne-Charlotte Vaillant, CEO of Alhambra International. “Her profound understanding of the Chinese market and her in-depth knowledge of the intelligent transportation and communication technology industries, coupled with her expertise in government procurement processes and labour laws specific to China, will significantly enhance our ability to connect our clients with exceptional talents. We look forward to leveraging her extensive network and comprehensive knowledge to deliver outstanding executive search solutions to our clients, ensuring they gain a competitive edge in this dynamic and rapidly evolving market.

For inquiries or further information, Chen Huimin can be contacted via WeChat at huimin121212.

About Alhambra International:

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