Team Effectiveness

Enhance company performance in disrupted markets

Are your teams performing at their peak potential? A successful team is so much more than the sum of its parts. We go in depth to improve performance and build toward measurable, sustainable results. Through careful assessments, we provide clarity and understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of team performance. Working closely with the team as a whole, we then architect an actionable plan to help the organization grow into the future.

By addressing the group as a whole, we help our clients deal with disparities in the performance levels of team members. Team Effectiveness services highlight the skill levels of the group and the goals of the team. It is coaching which focuses on the team about its work, to improve its performance.

Team Effectiveness is highly relevant in that it helps to capitalize on team diversity and get the best out of its collective intelligence. It recognizes that a group’s capabilities can increase exponentially because it far exceeds the sum of the abilities of its members.

This helps the team evolve, becoming more adept at solving its problems, eliminating toxins and managing conflicts, rather than avoiding them.

We assist our client in the implementation and improvement of efficient teams in their organizations in various contexts:

Secure Project Success

To have a strong team (virtual or not), trust and mutual respect is essential in order to maximize the chance of success of any high-stakes project. This will guarantee that every team member contributes fully and will lead when required. The entire team will be more productive and this will result in better business results for your company.

New Leadership Team

If your company recently underwent a merger or acquisition or if a new leadership team has been formed, Team effectiveness services such as team performance diagnostics and team coaching can help the team weather the change, enhancing team collaboration and helping the team shape itself into a high-performing unit where both productivity and positivity are high.

Enhance Company Performance in Disrupted Markets

Our economies move much faster these days. Business environments expect companies to be highly agile, reactive and high-performing. We help your teams become more aligned with company strategies and goals and to stand united while facing challenges. As a result, your teams will become stronger, more productive and effective in responding to market changes and customer’s requests.

Organizational Change

Organizations face challenges such as diversity and globalization of markets and rapidly evolving technology, which force them to implement changes in order to survive and remain competitive in their business environment. Such changes might be quite major, such as refocusing overall strategy, defending takeover attempt, facing a critical transition with new competitors or reorganizing the management team after an acquisition. We help our clients’ teams become more aligned with the implementation of these changes which impacts the organization.