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Recruiting in Corona-Zeiten

Ein Jahr nach Beginn dieser Pandemie hat sich der Rekrutierungsberuf insbesondere dadurch verändert, dass die Gewinnung von Personal aus der Ferne zugenommen hat, aber auch, dass es wichtig ist, über eine auf dem Markt eindeutig identifizierte Arbeitgebermarke zu...

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In this difficult period of containment, remote working, which is developing in the world but in a variable way across countries, is needed for most of the workers. In the world remote working concerns regularly or occasionally 29% of the workers in France, 36% in the...

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Greetings and Outlooks 2020

Dear friends, Dear customers, Dear partners, The year 2020 starts for Alhambra International and I want to thank you for your loyalty. During the year 2019, we have been very active in our Executive Search activity on the European market where we usually operate,...

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Voeux et perspectives 2020

Chers amis, Chers clients, Chers partenaires, L’année 2020 démarre pour Alhambra International et je tiens à vous remercier de votre fidélité. Au cours de l’année 2019, nous avons été particulièrement actifs dans notre activité d’Executive Search sur les...

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Are you really on board?

Imagine that you get a new phone, the best way to begin the new version would start with the beginner’s guide. Of course, you will get to know how it works when you spend more time with it, a quick start will always be helpful to maximize the functions and shorten the...

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Best wishes 2019

Dear Friends, Dear customers, Dear partners, The year 2019 starts for Alhambra International and I want to thank you for your loyalty. During 2018, we continued our development in Europe and carried out Executive Search assignments in Germany, Austria, Benelux, France...

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