Executive Assessment

Talent - Leadership development - Succession planning

“Leading is an ability to inspire individuals and arouse organizational excellence, create a vision and prosperously manage change to attain the organization’s successful performance in today’s digital age.” – Alhambra International

We assist our clients in the selection, accomplishment and performance of efficient organizations. Our Executive Assessments services are relevant for organizations facing various challenges such as competitive business environment, organizational change, digital transformation, reorganization, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions.

Executive Assessments are carried out for promotion and succession planning, Executive Search processes or Leadership Development purpose. The evolution of Executives works better if the organization is strongly involved in setting goals, reviewing progress and making improvements at all levels. Especially relevant is our commitment to our Clients to embark on the best Leaders with the greatest business impact linked to the established company culture.

Importance of those competencies varies according to the position. For assessment of CEO, competencies like team & change leadership, strategic thinking, results focus are essential, while for other Executive Committee Members, competencies like technical expertise, collaboration/communication, results focus and strategic thinking are crucial.

For promotion and succession planning, Alhambra International handles in-depth assessment of potential candidates for the role after an analysis of the targeted role’s requirements in terms of skills and competencies that are most of the time critical to leadership performance. This assessment is conducted mostly for Top Managers, Executive Committee members or future CEO with a succession planning. This helps our clients to make a well-informed decision, ensuring they are assigning the right people to the right role.

In an Executive Search process, Alhambra International assesses the potential candidates for a position, especially for Middle up and Top Management roles. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we effectively point out the requirements that are needed for a perfect match across the specific industry. This approach also helps to reduce the financial risks associated with recruitment by flagging the weaknesses and strengths associated with each candidate. This allows also to clearly identify areas of development for the recruited candidate and it lays the groundwork for a successful on-boarding.

Executive Assessments are also practiced to achieve Leadership Development goals: to help participants in self-awareness development, to instill self-confidence and to enhance personal development. This approach also helps our clients empowering their teams and supporting them to succeed and perform better.

Assessment services are handled by Alhambra International’s team of consultants with relevant assessment skills and professional experience in industry/services, management or in the targeted position. They are trained to the best methods and tools such as Wave, LJI, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Insights, CEB Talent assessment, NEO-PI3

During the assessment project, our consultants work closely with our clients and help them to anticipate the impacts of these programs for their organization.