Executive Skills Assessment

Top Management Performance

Alongside the search for new external talents, companies endeavour to develop their employees’ loyalty. This loyalty is linked to the level of trust existing between employees and the company (a key differentiator in the “Great Place to Work” ranking). It also relates to the company’s ability to support employees with hierarchical promotions or towards a specialization, often linked to a career change.

These assessments favour the detection of Key People and High Potentials within a company, methods originally developed by General Electric to retain its best talents and designed with the Boston Consulting Group.

Alhambra International’s contribution is to make its recruitment expertise available to its clients in the context of skills assessment services. The contribution brought by an external specialist improves objectivity towards the candidates for professional mobility and makes it easier to evaluate the candidate’s personality and their ability to take on other roles.

We take on all sorts of missions including job-saving schemes and restructuring operations.

Our services start with an in-depth interview with the candidate. They continue by analysing career paths, simulation tests and understanding tests relative to the role targeted. We also assess candidates’ level of motivation and their suitability according to the skills required for the position. These services conclude with a skills assessment test and a recommendation on the candidate’s suitability for the position offered.

This assessment enables the employee to be assessed on their technical skills as well as their management or leadership potential. These methods also favour improved planning for medium and long-term talents within companies.