Organizational Change

Recruitment Strategies

Change is a common strand which runs through all businesses regardless of region, size, industry or sector. The organizational change is a process of planning and implementing transformation to improve performance, strategy, practices, structure or specific part of the company.

Nowadays, our Clients address challenges such as…

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… diversity and globalization of markets. In addition they face a rapidly evolving technology. Therefore, it forces them to implement changes in order to survive and remain competitive in their business environment. As a result, such changes might be quite major. It leads to refocus overall strategy, defend takeover attempt, face a critical transition with new competitors.  Most noteworthy is the reorganization of the management team after an acquisition.

Our approach

Managing change on the organizational level requires new models, frameworks and tools. Furthermore, the purpose is to enable the smooth implementation of the desired transformation. There are various approaches that enable to manage changes within organization. Especially relevant are: McKinsey 7S Model, Lewin’s Change Management Model, Prosci ADKAR or Kotter’s 8-Step Process…


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… Special ability to manage change is a very important skill currently required by Top Leaders and Executives. Aligning the needs of shareholders and board members is essential.

Alhambra International works with its Clients to create organizational-change program customized for each company’s needs. Our evaluation of management teams comprises of own methodology constructed through the gained experience and own assessment tools. Most of all, we combine interview techniques with…

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analysis of annual reports. Performance is a key point regarding expectations’ evaluation and company’s organization design. Our team of experts places emphasis on cultural aspects to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and performance of the management team.

Our company assists in mergers & acquisitions, strategic re-direction, turnaround or restructuration, critical transition and succession planning to do management overhaul, identify change-readiness across Executives and Board Members, and prepare our Clients for the relevant changes.