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Entrepreneurship at Glance 2017

Nowadays, entrepreneurship becomes an inevitable part of sustainable economic development for many countries around the world globe and entrepreneurs are sort of national assets who can change the way we live and work to the greatest possible extent. Discover the... read more

Some major HR trends

Nowadays, in an age of digital technologies, the business environment stands in a state of continuous change what enforces the leaders to update the rules how they organize, elaborate, and manage the 21st-century workforce. Discover a synthesis of main HR trends based... read more

Boosting Skills for Greener Jobs in Flanders

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) worked on an international project that is called ‘Boosting skills for greener jobs’ in four countries: Belgium (Flanders), Poland (Pomorskie), Greece (Attica) and South Africa (Western Cape). The... read more


Chers amis, chers clients, chers partenaires, L’année 2016 se termine pour Alhambra International et je tiens à vous remercier de votre fidélité. Cette année 2016 nous a permis de continuer notre développement sur l’Europe Continentale et de nous implanter en Asie,... read more

Our overview of PISA 2015 survey

PISA, Programme for International Student Assessment, is a worldwide study led by OECD every 3 years. It evaluates the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems. Thanks to our exchanges with OECD, we had the privilege to attend a session of presentation of... read more


Asian region has been recently attracting a significant level of investments from global funds. The funds are a mix of traditional venture capital sources combined with hedge funds, private equity and corporates. In the second quarter of 2016, Mumbai-headquartered,... read more

Digital economy & impacts on labor

As a specialist in international recruitment with a strong presence in Digital transformation and High Tech, Alhambra International has analyzed the major studies about the future of work and the future jobs. We have already released a tribune in 2015... read more

Looking for a better life in Europe

As you know, Alhambra International is strongly engaged in Europe with a presence in Benelux, Germany and France. We have also some links and exchanges with other countries such as Spain, Italy, England and Eastern Europe. This is why it sounds interesting for us to... read more

Travelling in the Chinese digital world

Alhambra International has a good expertise of digital economy and chooses to focus on Chinese market and especially on Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent which are three main players in the Chinese digital world. These key players have special business models which are... read more

Some major trends in digital recruitment.

Are the new digital recruitment methods about to “uberize” the classic recruitment market? Between matching algorithms, seduction methods directly inspired from dating sites, conversational trend, but also marketplace, recruitment is now directly being inspired by the... read more

Brief Summary for CES Shanghai 2016

From May 11 to 13, the second Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) was located  in Shanghai, China. The exhibition choosed to open in Shanghai to connect the world’s leading technology companies with the world’s fastest growing and largest demand... read more

Outlooks 2016

Dear Friends, Dear Clients, Dear Partners, The year 2015 is ending for ALHAMBRA International and I thank you for your loyalty. After starting our development in Benelux in 2013 and in Germany in 2014, we decided to consolidate our international presence in 2015. Our... read more

Singapore, the full employment society !

Alhambra International is today an Executive Search company based in Europe (France, Benelux, Germany) and in the Middle East.  Our activities outside France represent almost 40% of our general turnover and we will continue our international expansion which represents... read more