Family Business Corporate Advisory

Leadership Succession Planning

Family Firms of the Future

There is significant rapid growth in developed and emerging economies where family ownership is the norm among large businesses. While Family Businesses continuously attain apparent influence, size and upholding critical values they are currently in need to adapt to new business models. Furthermore, they properly plan leadership succession or accurately transfer ownership from one generation to another.

Alhambra International shares the same values

Especially relevant Alhambra International undertakes the challenge to recruit or select Executives talents from outside of the family. Thanks to our experience and insight gained through advising C-level talents from Family-orientated companies, we are completely aware of today’s multitude of challenges …

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…which risk may destroy shareholder value or even the business itself. Since, Alhambra International truly understands and appreciates the importance of balancing the requirements of the business. Furthermore, we share the same values as a Family Firm: culture and priorities. Most of all, we help to relevantly evaluate and assess the family or non-family candidates. Consequently, we ensure they have enough qualification to sustain competitive advantage and expand our Client’s business.

Alliance with Family Firms

As a result, at the beginning of the assignment, we assure that Board Members and shareholders are honestly aligned on their expectations to meet Executives talents. Furthermore, our evaluation of candidates for leadership positions comprises of own methodology constructed through the gained experience and own assessment tools…

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…developed while cooperating with our Clients over a time. Hence, Alhambra International always aims to identify and select professionals to ensure that they are ready to excellently perform. Most of all, we ensure that they reach excellence in their new leadership role and smoothly integrate into Family organization’s culture.

Successful Integration

Additionally, Alhambra International provides successful integration service that helps non-family members to integrate into new environment during the first months. Especially relevant, it is crucial time for receiving the expected performance, full effectiveness as well as gain solid trust. Most noteworthy, all our selected Executives adapt to new working environment in respect to Family Firm’s working culture.