Executive Search

International Talent Acquisition - Headhunter in Europe - Middle-East - Asia

Our mission is based on identifying, contacting and selecting Middle & Top Management talents. While we focus on our candidates professional development wishes, we emphasize our Clients’ expectations. Since, Alhambra International truly understands that in today’s dynamic business world our Clients confront many demanding challenges. We are aware that they continuously endeavor to create and maintain their competitive advantage. Therefore, we search for the best Executive Leaders and Board Members. Solid academic background, top skills, and particular abilities to easily adapt to progressive changes is a “must-have”.

A commitment to the direct approach

Alhambra International’s priority is the quality of its recruitment services and a proven methodology. We select professionals with relevant leadership skills. Our approach to Executive Search comprises analysis of our clients’ needs as well as in-depth knowledge of their ecosystem. Our consultants operate their recruitment directly and with discretion. They engage their global connections within their chosen sectors and/or industries. As a result, we guarantee to our clients, a targeted, fast and effective search among the best candidates.

The choice of excellence

Most of all, a truly successful search always leads to the recruitment of General Managers/VP and Directors ready to contribute to the development of a firm. Hence, we have designed our own evaluation of candidates for leadership positions through our gained experience.  We cooperated with our Clients over a time  to develop our own assessment tools. Alhambra International aims to identify and select the best talents. We ensure that they are ready to excellently perform in their leadership role.

Technology transformation awareness

Alhambra International is aware of digital technology that conquers the world nowadays.  Thanks to the close cooperation with technology-driven companies, we understand the need of serving our Clients the access to the Top Management talents. Especially relevant, Alhambra International ensures that they possess the necessary knowledge to drive a technological change within the company.

Specialized Expertise

Since 2006, we have developed functional expertise completed with a sector-specific approach. Also, this combination allows us to define an efficient talent research considering industry trends and influential ecosystems.

Our team of Consultants has geographic, cultural and legal knowledge of the countries we operate in : France, Germany, Benelux, Middle-East, Asia. Therefore it is a strong added value of international assignments.