Digital Transformation

The world is digitizing and information technology is a key driver of innovation that infuses dynamism into every sector of economy.

By digitization, we mean ever-increasing computing power, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud computing and online platforms. Digitization allows companies and governments to communicate and stay connected with each other all the time. This process of digitization has significant economic and societal impact, like the future of work with the rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will broader range of tasks carried out by machines. By gathering, analyzing, and exchanging enormous amounts of data on various kinds of activities, currently digitization gives companies a real competitive advantage to efficiently deliver their products or services, gain better customer insights as well as higher productivity and create new business models.

According to latest reports, the top industries in digital world are Medias & Telecommunication, Consumer Goods, Luxury, Energy, Health, Agriculture and Transport.

The key issues for our Clients are to stay in line with latest technological and digital trends and ensure that they attract Top Management talents who have the right skills set to handle digital transformation nowadays.

Alhambra Internationals’ technology awareness

Alhambra International actively follows new trends in Digital and Technology by participating and following many well-known events like Mobile World Congress, CeBIT, CES Asia, IFA, Computex, Hannover Messe (world leading event for Industry 4.0), CEMAT (world leading event intralogistics & supply chain management).

It allows us to analyze and identify the recent trends to provide an essential, in-depth coverage of technological innovations and to give insights to our professional network on growth strategies and next generation practices in the digital world. This immersion provides us a great competitive advantage.

Top Digital Leaders

Our Clients should be aware that digital transformation requires a relevant strategy of talent management to be prosperous, as there are Digital Leaders on the market who only match particular types of organizational structures/industries/sectors.

Alhambra International delivers Top Talents who are able to understand digital changes, to have a vision of this transformation, to get a strong knowledge of their market and to use digital platforms and tools to continuously grow Client’s business without boundaries. Our candidates add value to create greater organizational agility to meet the technology challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace. All these Top Talents also possess strong skills such as navigating the organization, building relationship networks, educating and influencing others, architecting the choices and federating various work generations (X, Y and now Z).

We have developed own methodology and assessment tools to evaluate General Management and Board Members on their technology awareness, readiness and ability to drive a change or a digital transformation.